Scissors can be really tricky for little hands! Cutting involves a lot more than just opening and closing the two sharp edges around paper. A child needs to be able to have a good posture in sitting and also… not fall off of the chair whilst cutting. If a child slouches, the cutting will be messy… if they fall over… well hopefully they don’t injure themselves! An unbalanced body will make scissors tricky to hold as hands should then be used to balance!

Children also need stable shoulders and a whole lot of control in their wrist and fingers. Their fingers need to be dexterous so that they can grasp and release the scissors. They need to have bilateral coordination (using both sides of the body together) as well as an established dominant side. This is important because the dominant hand will open and close the scissors, whilst the other ‘helper’ hand will hold the paper and rotate it as necessary.

Because scissors are so tricky, there are a few steps, that need to be followed in a sequence, to help your little one be the best snipper they can be!

Scissor activities


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