As occupational therapists, we are often asked to provide interventions to children who struggle to copy from the board and from one page to another. We also provide services to children who frequently lose their place while reading, and have frequent errors in spelling and writing tasks, along with very messy handwriting.
An underlying vision concern may be the culprit for the above difficulties, with the underlying concern being impaired visual saccades.
Saccadic eye movement is so essential for reading and learning! So, what are they?
Saccades is the ability of the eyes to move in synchrony from point A to point B rapidly WITHOUT deviating from the path.
Saccades plays a crucial part in eye teaming, reading and writing. When it is impaired, the child may experience high levels of frustration, embarrassment and difficulties with their daily reading and writing tasks. This is why we want to offer you some assistance in improving eye movements at home to assist your child’s reading and writing ability!

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