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Alicia Myburgh

Occupational Therapist

I am an occupational therapist who qualified with a Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy at the University of the Witwatersrand in 2016 and am further working towards achieving a Masters of Science in Occupational therapy, from the University of the Witwatersrand, specialising in paediatric OT. In addition I registered for the DIR:FCD Professional Certification and am currently working towards this qualification by the end of 2020. 
Children are so resilient, there is no way not to want to be involved!

I am enthusiastic about creating independence and a quality of life for children and further focus on improving my skills by attending regular courses related to paediatric rehabilitation. I believe in working closely with parents and caregivers to allow for carry over in the home and school environments.


Home-based strategies to enhance development

Easy Occupational Therapy is a crazy idea of a dreamer. The dreamer who wanted to provide occupational therapy resources for mommies and daddies who want to enhance their child's current skills within the home. 

These strategies are not unique, but they are now easily available and encourage gross/fine/visual-perceptual/sensory modulation/ADL skills. These activities are wonderful and can be reused as they are in a PDF format... They just keep on giving!

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Disclaimer: The following resources have been compiled by a qualified occupational therapist. Please note that these resources SHOULD NOT replace the occupational therapy services that you are receiving from your occupational therapist. These resources may be utilised to enrich your child's development on every level.

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