Occupational Therapy Guidance for childhood development

We have your child's best interest at heart! 

We would love to provide mommies and daddies with educational resources to be used in the home with your child. 

All resources have been created by a qualified occupational therapist. 

We would also love to get in touch and answer any burning  OT-related questions you may have!


Alicia Myburgh, Occupational Therapist

I am an occupational therapist who really enjoys working with children who need a little boost to assist their development.

Children are so resilient, there is no way not to want to be involved!

I am enthusiastic about creating independence and a quality of life for children. I believe in working closely with parents and caregivers to allow for carry over in the home and school environments.


Virtual Consultations

Occupational therapy can sometimes be difficult to attend. Particularly now, as we engage with the current global situation.

My hope is that OT consultations WILL NOT be utilised as appose to OT intervention but rather as a means of virtual meeting to ensure that your little one's development is met!

Online resources

We have a range of online resources to assist your child in their growth and development.

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Disclaimer: The following resources have been compiled by a qualified occupational therapist. Please note that these resources SHOULD NOT replace the occupational therapy services that you are receiving from your occupational therapist. These resources may be utilised to enrich your child's development on every level.

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